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Windows 11’s fourth version update, aka 24H2, is a few months from its official release. To ensure compatibility with the upcoming update, Intel launched the Wireless Wi-Fi Drivers 23.60.1 and Wireless Bluetooth Drivers 23.60.0. AMD also released the driver version 24.6.1 for its AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition app.

Firstly, let’s discuss the Intel driver update. The main purpose behind it is to ensure compatibility with Wi-Fi 7 standard (802.11be Extremely High Throughput (EHT)).

Windows 11 23H2 doesn’t support Wi-Fi 7, and even if you have a compatible card, you’re stuck with Wi-Fi 6E speeds.

So, the new drivers ensure that whenever the 24H2 update arrives, your PC already has a stable version of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers (irrespective of its generation). Windows Latest covered the possibility of Wi-Fi 7 support in 24H2 a few months back.

Even after installing the Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Drivers 23.60.1 today, your PC will continue to utilize the Wi-Fi 6E features. If you are a Windows 11 Insider, you can test the Wi-Fi 7 performance on 24H2.

Wi-Fi 7 offers Multi-link Operation (MLO), which utilizes multiple channels across bands (2.4, 5, and 6 GHz). This approach solves the network congestion and latency problem in Wi-Fi.

Remember that you need a Wi-Fi 7-compatible router and an equally high-bandwidth internet connection.

If you are confused about your PC’s Wi-Fi version, launch the Terminal app and run the netsh wlan show drivers command.

As shown in the image above, if you see the 802.11be standard listed in the Radio types supported field, your PC supports Wi-Fi 7.

Sadly, Windows 10 won’t support Wi-Fi 7 because it’s due for retirement soon, and Microsoft will focus solely on Windows 11 development.


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