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Microsoft’s migration of Control Panel features to the Settings app is far from complete, but the next Windows 11 24H2 update will move more Control Panel pages. In the preview builds, we have spotted several interesting changes, including more advanced options that now appear in the Power & Battery section.

Starting with version 24H2, you can now change ‘Lid, power, and sleep button controls‘ using the Settings app if you use a laptop. These options were previously limited to the Control Panel.

However, for desktop users, the Power settings appear differently. You will only see the “Power button controls” option, but the hibernate option is missing from the dropdown menu.

In Windows 11 23H2 or Moment 5, you can only change the Power plan mode and tweak the Screen and Sleep timeouts. If you use a laptop, you will also see the Hibernate option in the Screen and Sleep timeouts dropdown menu.

The next utility migrated to the Settings app is Display Color Management. You can now launch the legacy tool from the Color profile section in Display settings. However, Microsoft is still working on the migration, and it may still open the legacy tool.

You can easily load Color profiles to improve the display output and even map a color profile to one or multiple displays. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to the Display > Color profile option.
  2. Click the Add profile button, browse, and select a color profile file.
  3. Load it up and apply the new color profile.

Previously, Microsoft also added an automatic color management option to manage colors on supported displays.

Storage Pool’s advance toggle moves to Settings

Settings now include…

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