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Windows 11 has suffered slow NVMe SSD performance since March 2023 and later cumulative updates. Some users had reported that their device is more than 50% slower, and the problem persists even after installing the newer updates. This has led many people to wonder if Microsoft is even aware of the reported bugs and whether it will release a fix.

This issue was first identified in the preview builds of the operating system, but the problem somehow slipped into the March 2023 Patch Tuesday update. Microsoft never acknowledged the problem, but users alleged that the bug exists in all updates released after the March 2023 Patch.

Windows Latest understands that the situation has improved for many who previously experienced performance issues. Some people may continue to run into SSD issues, but the problem has been largely resolved, according to multiple reports seen by Windows Latest.

Here’s a list of affected updates:

  • KB5028185 – July 2023 Patch Tuesday update (mandatory).
  • KB5027303 – June 2023’s optional update.
  • KB5027231 – June 2023’s Patch Tuesday (mandatory).
  • KB5026372 – May 2023’s Patch Tuesday (mandatory).
  • KB5025239 – April 2023’s Patch Tuesday (mandatory).
  • KB5023778 – March 2023’s Patch Tuesday – The issue was first flagged after this cumulative update. KB5023706 is also affected.
  • Older Windows 11 preview builds.

Previously, reports about SSD slowdowns, which began with update KB5023778, surfaced in all public discussions after every update. Since…

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