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Microsoft wants Copilot on Windows 11 to succeed, and it’s planning on adding a few new features. In our tests, we observed that Microsoft is experimenting with three new additions for Windows 11’s Copilot – auto start on boot, ability to unpin the AI, and change its pane size.

In Windows 11 23H2 or Moment 4, Copilot isn’t designed to start as soon as you boot your system, but this could change in future. A new optional feature is being tested in Windows 11 preview builds that lets you configure Microsoft Copilot to automatically open when the system starts.

This new Copilot settings is located inside the Personalization page, but it’s unclear if Microsoft will automatically start AI on PCs whether you use it not. At the moment, toggle “Open Copilot when Windows starts” is turned off by default, but it is designed with wider screens in mind.

Once enabled, Copilot opens automatically whenever you boot up your Windows PC. This change by Microsoft acknowledges the company’s efforts to raise awareness about Copilot, ensuring that those who do not know this feature can come across it on larger screens.

Unpin Windows Copilot, allow other apps to collapse it

Microsoft is testing another feature that gives you give greater control over Windows Copilot. As shown in the above screenshot, you can soon unpin the pane, allowing other apps to open on top of the AI pane.

At the moment, Copilot cannot be resized or unpinned, which means it is always placed at the side of the Windows 11 desktop once opened. Copilot doesn’t go away unless you manually…

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