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Image Microsoft: Wallet in Edge is becoming a full-fledged web app on Windows 11.

For the past few months, Microsoft has been internally enhancing its ‘Wallet’ feature in Edge to support cryptocurrency wallets in select markets. Ahead of the cryptocurrency integration, the company plans to transform ‘Microsoft Wallet’ into a full-fledged web app for Windows 11.

For those unaware, Microsoft Edge has a built-in wallet in Edge://wallet. This free tool lets you securely save card numbers with expiry dates and CVV codes. You can use Edge Wallet to protect payment card information, like the 16-digit card number, and use it on shopping or payment gateways.

Edge Wallet is close to the likes of Apple Wallet, but it has more features, including a cryptocurrency wallet internally tested by the tech giant. In a surprising move, Microsoft turned the Edge://wallet into a full-fledged Progressive Web App (PWA) on Windows 11 and 10.

In Edge Canary, if you visit Edge://wallet, you can install it as a web app by clicking the pop-up in the address bar. The Edge Wallet web app is being tested for users, but you can try it by enabling the command line flag “enable-features=msWalletPWA”.

The web works well and can be pinned to the taskbar to the Start menu like any other web app. However, since Wallet is an internal page of the Edge browser, the overall experience is smoother than the other web apps.

As mentioned at the outset, Edge…

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