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Windows 11 and 10 jointly capture nearly 96% of the Windows share. While Windows 10’s popularity hasn’t changed much in the past few years, it’s slowly losing the market to Windows 11. Some reports suggested that Windows 11 isn’t growing and losing users to Windows 10, but as we reported at that time, this is not the case.

Windows 10 had a market share of 81.44% when Windows 11 arrived in October 2021. Fast forward to June 2024, Windows 10’s market share dipped below the 70% mark, while Windows 11 climbed to almost 30%.

In this article, Windows Latest analyzed the last three months’ stats (April-June 2024) from Statcounter and noticed the following:

  • After a consistent three-month growth to 69.89% in April 2024, Windows 10’s market share witnessed a 1.55% decline in May 2024. The stats dipped further by 2.14% in June 2024, when the user base dropped to 66.2%. It is an all-time low for the most dominant Windows OS.
  • Windows 11 experienced consistent growth from April 2024 onwards, when the hype around Copilot+ PC started to build. In May 2024, its market share grew by 1.48%, while in June 2024 it grew by 1.96%. The final percentage count as of June 2024 stands at 29.63%, a personal best of Windows 11.

If the current trend continues, Windows 11 might reach the 30% and above market share.

PC and Tablet shipments are increasing

“US PC shipments will grow by 5% in 2024 and a further 8% in 2025.” a Canalys report reveals.

The PC market shipments witnessed promising growth in the first quarter of 2024, with 14.8 million shipments. Canalys projections indicate nearly 69 million PC shipments to the US in 2024.

Windows 10’s End of Support announcement is a major contributor to this growth. Both consumer and Small-medium…

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