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  • Windows 11 Moment 4 update ‘KB5030310’ is causing search box rendering bugs, File Explorer performance issues and system crashes.
  • Windows Copilot has too many issues, including sluggish performance and compatibility problems with live wallpaper software like WallpaperEngine.
  • Post-update, some users reported black screens and system crashes, with only the cursor visible. The update also seems to reset AMD driver profiles, making it incompatible with the new AMD Drivers Software 23.9.3.

Windows 11 KB5030310 is garnering significant attention for introducing many new features through the ‘Moment 4’ toggle. This is one of the most substantial updates in recent months and comes with Windows Copilot, new File Explorer, and more. However, it’s worth noting that users have reported encountering issues upon its installation.

Precisely, for those who activate the ‘Moment 4’ toggle—often mistaken for Windows 11 23H2—performance glitches, especially within File Explorer, seem prevalent. Although KB5030310 primarily aims at enhancing Windows 11 version 22H2’s quality, early adopters should remain wary of these potential setbacks.

If you install Windows 11 KB5030310 without turning on the “Get latest updates” toggle, you won’t encounter these issues. In the support document, Microsoft proudly states it’s not currently aware of any problems with this update when the toggle is off, but our readers and users of Feedback Hub and Reddit have flagged several issues with the update.

Here’s a list of all issues in Windows 11 KB5030310

1. The search box won’t work, and the magnifying glass appears as a “C” letter

Windows 11’s taskbar is plagued with rendering…

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