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“Can it really get worse from here?” That was my first thought after failing to install the January and February 2024 cumulative updates despite multiple attempts. Then, on the 13th, Microsoft released Windows 11 KB5035853, which successfully installs. However, it seems to cause Blue Screen of Death errors for some users, including me.

KB5035853 is a new update rolling out as part of the Windows 11 March 2024 Update, and it comes with some notable improvements. For example, it allows you to use the Snipping Tool to edit screenshots captured on your Android phone quickly. A notification that pops up immediately after you capture a screenshot allows you to do this.

This might sound like a neat Windows Update, but it’s not. After successfully installing the cumulative update, one of my devices experienced a Blue Screen of Death immediately after login. As shown in the below photo, the reason for BSOD is “Thread Stuck in Device Driver”, which doesn’t explain the problem.

It turns out I’m not alone. Other people have also reported seeing a Blue Screen of Death on their login screen. One of our readers reported that their Lenovo hardware with Bitlocker failed to boot with Blue Screen of Death after the KB5035853 update.

Another user also reported a similar issue:

“We have a series of Lenovo AMD-based devices, all 21B9 model numbers, that are going into a loop requesting the Bitlocker code after KB5035853. Five devices started doing this afternoon after the update, unable to uninstall it. This is, of course, causing a major issue with the customer,” one of the affected users noted.

Several users have experienced significant…

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