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If you’ve installed Windows 11 KB5039302 and are experiencing constant rebooting, you’re not alone. The bug has been reported by three Windows Latest readers in our forums, and it turns out the issue is not limited to three people. Thankfully, Microsoft has issued a statement to Windows Latest confirming that it’s aware of the reports and pulled the update.

KB5039302 is an optional update that can be installed only when you explicitly click the “Download and Install” button. While it’s an optional update and labelled “preview”, it still shows up on Windows Update automatically, and anyone can install it. Microsoft has never warned people against installing the optional updates.

The optional preview updates are designed to test security patches and are intended for production. In this case, KB5039302 is the newest optional update and was released on June 25, but starting on June 26, some people started flagging the “reboot loop” issue.

Multiple users told Windows Latest that their devices with a nested virtualization feature enabled crashed or failed to boot to the desktop after installing the update. On June 27, Microsoft updated its support document to clarify that the issue is limited to certain configurations, but it has yanked the update.

“After installing updates released June 26, 2024 (KB5039302), some devices might fail to start. Affected systems might restart repeatedly and require recovery operations in order to restore normal use,” Microsoft noted in a support documentt.

At the time of release, there were no mentions of any problems with the update, but based on telemetry data and user reports, Microsoft identified a grave issue in the KB5039302 update on June 26, merely one day after its…

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