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Windows 11 KB5039302 is the June 25 optional update with a number of new features. You can get it via Windows Update. Microsoft has also posted direct download links for KB5039302 offline installers (.msu) on the Update Catalog.

KB5039302 is an optional update released on June 25, 2024. Unlike the mandatory security updates, today’s optional release is labeled as preview, which means it will not download or install automatically unless you manually select the download button.

In our tests, Windows Latest observed that the June 25 optional update advances Windows 11 v23H2 to Build 22631.3810. If you’re on version 22H2, you’ll get the same patch, but the build number would be 22632.3810.

The biggest highlight of Windows 11 Build 22631.3810 is full-fledged support for archives in File Explorer. While the feature is rolling out, once you get it, you can right-click to open the Create Archives wizard, where you can customize the archive settings and select your preferred format.

On Windows Update, this patch shows up as:

2024-06 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 11 Version 23H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5039302)

Download Links for Windows 11 KB5039302

Windows 11 KB5039302 Direct Download Links: 64-bit | 23H2, 22H2.

Is it safe to install this month’s optional update? In theory, it’s mostly safe to install the patch but remember – optional patches are not mandatory for a reason, and they can have unreported bugs.

What’s new in Windows 11 Build 22631.3810

The Windows 11 Build 22631.3810 is a small feature drop that adds improvements to many native apps and OS settings. All these features are in a gradual rollout phase, so wait patiently for them to show up on your PC.

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The Copilot icon displaced…

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