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Microsoft recently released a new Windows 11 KB5039312 update that advances the OS to Build 22635.3720 and adds a share button to the Search in the Start menu. This update is available in the Beta Channel.

Until now, you could only share files using Windows Share in File Explorer and some apps. But this update adds that feature to Windows Search.

When you search for a file, a Share option will appear in the right pane on the Start menu. Clicking on it launches Windows Share, after which you can select the device or person as the receiver.

Previously, while searching for a file in the Start menu, you could only open, copy its path, or open the corresponding folder.

Earlier, Windows Latest covered a slight modification in Windows Share, which added a “Your Phone” option to the tool.

Microsoft’s official announcement page for this Beta build highlights an important update for Nearby Sharing users in China. To use the feature, both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be active on both devices, otherwise it won’t work.

Users will see a notification on their devices about enabling both these settings before the sharing can start.

Voice Access improvements

In KB5039312, you can now use Narrator to control Voice Access in Windows 11 to dictate text. While the Narrator reads the text aloud on screen, combining it with Voice Access is a great move.

You can also control the pace of the narration using commands such as “Turn on Narrator,” “speak faster,” “read selection,” “read next line,” etc.

To learn more about all the supported commands, visit the Help section of Voice Access. Note that not all Voice Access features will work with the Narrator.

Microsoft is also improving Voice Access’s workability by adding an…

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