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Microsoft plans to reduce bloatware in Windows 11 by allowing users to remove more inbox apps, including Microsoft Photos. Additionally, the company has announced it’s axing the ‘Tips’ app from Windows 11 in a future release, which is expected to begin rolling out sometime next year.

The app, as the name suggests, was used primarily to showcase new features of Windows and tips and tricks on how to get the best out of the OS. The app was introduced with Windows 10 and got a major UI overhaul with the launch of Windows 11, but it’s now going away. According to a support document, Microsoft is planning to kill more stock apps,

We had previously reported that Movies & TV and the Maps apps were getting shunted off from the OOB experience. Along with the Tips app, WordPad and Cortana are on the chopping block. While the WordPad and Tips app still exist and function, Cortana seems to have been killed for good.

With the release of Build 23585 in the Dev Channel, Microsoft has also allowed users to uninstall more inbox apps.

As we spotted on the build release notes, the Camera, Cortana, People, and Photos app can now be uninstalled. While users had to resort to Powershell to uninstall the apps, they can now be uninstalled with just a few clicks.

These apps were once considered to be the core experiences of Windows, and now most of them remain just an afterthought and are seldom updated.

We can’t help but wonder about the logic behind making these apps optional. The stock apps in Windows 11 always served a purpose, especially Camera, Photos, WordPad and Tips. One can argue about the usability of…

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