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Despite being an obvious eyesore on the taskbar, Microsoft wants to make Copilot the center of attraction on your Windows 11 PC. Starting with Build 22635.3276 or newer, the Copilot pane will open when you hover the mouse pointer over it. This will become available for everyone in the last week of March as part of an optional update.

However, the Copilot pane will only open in ‘peek mode’ when you hover on it. If you don’t click on or interact with it, it will close as soon as you move your mouse pointer to another location on the screen.

Previously, Microsoft moved the Copilot icon to the right side of the Taskbar, replacing the Show desktop icon. The build 22635.3276 also fixes some inherent flaws in the Windows features, which include:

  • Nearby Share wasn’t displaying long user names and showed “????” instead of the name, which is now fixed.
  • The update fixes sync issues between the search highlights icon on the Taskbar and the search highlights for the day.
  • Task Manager’s reliability is improved in this build.

However, the explorer.exe crash issues are still there, but Microsoft recognized the problem in the blog post and confirmed it is working on a fix.

You’ll need to enable the “Get updates as soon as they are available” option in the Windows Update settings to access features and bug fixes in this build. Also, even on a production build, enabling the toggle is the only way to access the new features and improvements immediately.

Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to roll out more improvements to Coipilot in Windows.

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