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Microsoft is slowly developing a reputation for killing products when they fail to make money after their launch. More recently, Microsoft announced that it’s killing off the Windows Subsystem for Android, seemingly for no good reason. But, a former developer who used to work there said it’s because the Microsoft Store isn’t making enough money.

It turns out that developers working on the Windows Subsystem for Android project were funded by Microsoft Store revenue. Even though the technology and idea were cool, with the former executive Panos Panay calling it the flagship feature of Windows 11, the project had to end because the Microsoft Store wasn’t making enough money.

As first spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft’s former developer Andrew Clinick noted that Windows Subsystem for Android was great, but having lots of apps in the Store is important. The revenue from the Microsoft Store is needed to pay for the WSA’s development.

On the other hand, projects like Windows Subsystem for Linux will continue to exist as Microsoft uses them. Additionally, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a well-funded project because it can help Microsoft services. On the other hand, WSA needed its own store earnings to support itself.

“Store revenue pays the bills and salaries of the WSA team. WSL acrues to Azure, and so has a profit center. WSA without a store is awesome but doesn’t help Windows financially,” writes Microsoft developer Andrew Clinick in a post to X.

Microsoft has been trying to bring more apps to the Windows Store and attract big developers, but the efforts have not been enough to boost the Store’s revenue…

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