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Google Chrome on Windows 11 and 10 nags users to turn on Windows Hello and protect passwords during auto-fills. The popup, which appears in the top right corner of Chrome, was first spotted in the last week of July, with more users seeing it in August, according to reports spotted by Windows Latest.

The popup titled “Protect passwords with Windows Hello” shows up in some installations of Google Chrome. This notification suggests users enable the Windows Hello integration for Chrome, emphasizing that it’s beneficial if they share their device with others.

By turning this on, Chrome would use Windows Hello to verify the user’s identity whenever a saved password is accessed. For those unaware, Chrome has supported Windows Hello integration since 2020. Google recently added a new feature that will use biometric methods available to your PC for saving or accessing passwords.

Google has now started nagging users to enable the feature when they’re casually using the browser. The popup message appears in the Chrome browser’s top right corner, but not all users are being targeted with this reminder. We witnessed this behaviour in our tests on only one of our devices.

A user shared their experience with Windows Latest, outlining a pattern they identified:

  • They were browsing as usual on Chrome.
  • Suddenly, a popup appeared in the top right corner, promoting the use of Windows Hello.
  • The operating system was…

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