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Windows as a business doesn’t make Microsoft a lot of money, and people would not pay for an operating system in 2024. This is why the company has resorted to ads within the operating system. Windows 11 has ads, Microsoft Edge has ads, and even inbox apps like MSN Weather have ads. Unfortunately, it’s getting worse with a new server-side update.

Microsoft Weather for Windows 11 is a web app that relies on Edge WebView, but it’s a well-built web app that gets the job done. It’s smooth and has all the features you’d want in a Weather app, but it has ads. When I say ads, I’m talking about real ads that you would see on a typical news website.

As first spotted by Windows Latest, MSN Weather now has more ads after a new server-side update. You’ll see two ads as soon as you open the app, and the advertisements are pinned, which means they scroll as you scroll through the forecasting. This is an aggressive ad behaviour that you may not even see on news websites.

Ads are fine on a website or a third-party app because we don’t pay for the content we consume, but MSN Weather is a native app bundled with Windows 11 that you paid for when you purchased your device.

Embarce ads in Weather or just make the window smaller

It turns out Microsoft has no plans to reduce or remove ads from Windows and native apps, but there’s a neat workaround.

Do you hate ads in the Weather? Here’s a tip: Make the weather app window smaller. For some reason, Microsoft doesn’t show ads when the window is smaller or screen resolution is less than 1080p.

As first spotted by Windows Latest, the Weather app now has a touch of Microsoft Fluent Design.

You’ll notice the Fluent Design blur and transparency effect on the left menu, homepage and other…

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