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Windows 11 and 10 users must sign in with a Microsoft account to complete the setup process. Now, Microsoft also wants more people to sign in to their Microsoft account on the Windows Server. In the Windows Server 2025 Insider preview, we saw a popup in the Start menu asking to sign in with a Microsoft account.

The small popup requests you to sign in with a Microsoft Account and explains how it would help you store and sync your files and photos. Previously, Microsoft introduced the Windows Backup app, which offered a centralized way to store all your data (files, settings, and preferences).

However, asking for a Microsoft account in a server edition seems useless for many; since it is an enterprise-based product, asking admins to sign in with a Microsoft account needs to be clarified. Windows Server editions don’t have Microsoft Store or any other service that specifically needs a Microsoft account.

As shown in the above screenshot, you can either “Sign in now” or click “Remind me later” to skip the forced sign-in alert.

At the same time, it’s possible Microsoft made a mistake in displaying the popup in the Start menu. Previously, it added Sudo to the Windows Server 2025 preview, only to clarify later that Sudo won’t be a part of it.

It is another questionable decision by Microsoft because Sudo would be an extremely handy utility for admins.

Microsoft has been trying to bring more features from consumer editions to Servers. For example, one of the latest preview builds for Windows Server 2025 adds the new “WinGet” command line utility support, which has been available on consumer editions for two years.

This lets you install apps and other packages from the command line.

Windows Server 2025 supports…

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