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Windows Update isn’t strictly limited to Windows 11 cumulative or feature updates. In addition to OS updates, Windows Update offers updates for drivers and Microsoft products, such as Office apps. With the August 2024 security patch for Windows 11 (and Windows 10), Microsoft will also start bundling security updates for Visual Studio.

For those unaware, you can go to Windows Update settings, select “Advanced options,” and turn on “Receive updates for other Microsoft products.” When the toggle is turned on, you’ll automatically receive updates for Office products. Starting in August 2024, you’ll also get updates for Visual Studio security patches.

This experience is called “Microsoft updates”. Microsoft has promised the integration will remain “opt-in”. In other words, as long as the toggle is turned off, you will not receive updates for Visual Studio, but it also means Windows Update will stop delivering Office updates. The two products are now clubbed together as “updates for Microsoft products”.

You need to know a few things about integration. There are some valid concerns, and Microsoft is not really addressing the feedback correctly.

First and foremost, if you use Visual Studio to download the updates directly, you won’t see them via Windows Update. Microsoft will not try to force you to update, but that’s only when you’ve already updated Visual Studio manually.

You can still rollback your most recent update, but this option shows only when you have Visual Studio 2022. Also, when you rollback to an older version and a newer version is available, Windows Update will ask you to update. You’ll see the same…

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