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Windows desktop | Image Courtesy: Microsoft.

Installing Windows 11 without third-party bloatware like Candy Crush in just two clicks is possible, and all it takes is setting your region to English (World). No, we’re not kidding, and Microsoft is now looking into the reports after we asked the company to investigate the situation. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Windows Latest.

“Microsoft is aware and is looking into it,” a Microsoft spokesperson told me over email.

As you know, when you install Windows via an installation media (.ISO or Media Creation Tool), you’re taken to a blue background screen with several questions, such as the preferred partition, language, keyboard or input method, time and currency format (region).

Your Windows 11 installation won’t have all the bloatware like Candy Crush and other apps by setting the region to English (World) or (Europe). Why? Because the Windows 11 installer and Microsoft’s internet-based OOBE are incapable of handling the unique language code for World English (“en-001”) and European English (“en-150”).

To better understand what’s blocking Windows 11 from installing third-party bloatware when the region is set to either of the locations, we need to discuss language codes in detail.

The language codes are used by websites, apps and operating systems like Windows to manage the date and number formatting information. As you can see from the above example, the language code for World English is en-001, and European English is en-150.

The en-001 (World English) and en-150…

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