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Most modern browsers can be resource-intensive, and Edge is one of them. Microsoft previously added an Efficiency mode to extend battery life and Sleeping Tabs to reduce memory and CPU usage. The next feature to make Edge faster on Windows could be a slider that lets you limit the browser’s RAM usage.

Browser researcher Leopeva64 recently noticed a new feature that lets you control how much RAM Edge can use. As shown in the screenshot below, Microsoft is extending the “Manage your performance” section with two new options: “Background tabs summary” and “Resource controls”.

The Resource Control option lets you control how much RAM Edge uses in a specific scenario. There are only two modes to choose from: Gaming and Always. While the first option automatically limits the browser’s memory usage when it detects you’re playing games, the second option limits Edge’s RAM usage all the time.

Lastly, Microsoft is testing a slider to adjust RAM usage. There is also a warning that setting a low limit can adversely impact the browser performance.

You can choose the maximum amount of memory that Microsoft Edge will consume, leaving adequate memory for running other apps or games.

That’s not all. After enabling the Resource control feature, you can also monitor RAM usage from the Browser Essentials tab—there is no need to open the Task Manager or Edge settings to check the current RAM consumption.

To enable the RAM limiter in Edge, try these steps:

  1. Right-click the Microsoft Edge shortcut (search Edge canary, click “open file location”).
  2. In Properties, select Target, and add the following…

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